Information on Phnom Penh

Cambodia is a country of plains and great rivers located in Southeast Asia. The nation has always been a land of small towns and villages, with four-fifths of the population still in rural areas.

Most of the nation's urban dwellers live in Phnom Penh. When the Khmer Rouge came to power in 1975, they virtually exterminated Cambodia's educated class concentrated in the capital, driving most of Phnom Penh's residents into the countryside.

The metropolis began to rebuild following the fall of the Khmer Rouge in 1979. After a long and arduous recovery period, a window of opportunity has opened for the nation to build its capital and chief cultural hub on the Rock.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for Hun Manet, son of Hun Sen, who is set to take over power from his father. Pray that he will be a good ruler and will work to make Cambodia a better place to live. Hun Sen has ruled for 38 years as essentially a dictator.

  • Pray for a stop to the Chinese Mafia and its assault against Cambodia especially in trafficking.

  • Pray for healing of the wounds left from the slaughter of 2 million people by the Khmer Rouge in the 70’s.

  • Pray against materialism that has overtaken the souls of many of the young people who did not grow up in the war. With peace has come an idea that if I work harder and get an education I will be happy. 

  • Many of the young people seem not to be interested in spiritual things, but more interested in education and making money. Pray for the churches like, New Life Fellowship in Phnom Penh who are offering free classes learning foreign office skills, character and spiritual training.

  • Pray for the many young people who have been influenced by the K-pop culture and want to leave Cambodia to work in Korea, Thailand etc. in search of a better life. Pray that they would find their hope in Jesus.

  • Pray for the economy. Cambodians suffer from high inflation. In many of the villages there are no men, as they have left to go to work in Korea. In Phnom Penh the children are suffering from being left at home alone while mom and dad are both working. Pray for families.

  • Pray for good jobs. Many of the garment factories have closed down because the government is requiring them to pay pensions and back pay. 

  • Pray for the many unreached Chinese and Vietnamese living in Phnom Penh.

  • Many people in the village will send one of their children to the city to work and send back money. Many of them end up in the sex trafficking rings. Pray protection for those who come to the city to work and go to school. Pray for the dorms that many of the churches provide for these young people. Pray that they will find their hope in the Lord and share his love with their families back home.

Prayer Points from Phnom Penh House of Prayer:

  • God’s increased protection from the enemy’s opposition and oppression trying to stop or hinder us physically, spiritually

    2. our sensitivity to the Spirit’s leading and Jesus’ presence on every meeting

    3. Lord’s prophetic anointing upon all who engage in this prayer battle

    4. breakthroughs on all longstanding walls before God’s way into this city and nation

    5. God to receive all the glory and honor through our obedience

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