10 Days to Pentecost will be from May 9 - 19, 2024!

10 Days is an annual event organized in hundreds of locations around the world for united prayer, worship, and repentance.

United Worship, Prayer and Repentance

May 9th - 19th

Inviting the church of DFW to a seasonal encounter with God and with one another each spring and fall.
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Big Picture:

Worship and Prayer are the heart of the 10 days. Believers are invited to set themselves apart for corporate worship and prayer, taking time off from “normal life”.  Evening Gatherings are often the focal point for a given day.

Fasting: Participating ministries will extend an invitation to 10 days of fasting. We recommend that believers consider a Daniel Fast (vegan fast) or a liquid fast for the 10 Days in addition to abstaining from entertainment and social media.

Many Cities: The vision for this time is for many cities/regions to come together at the same twice each year. In the fall 10 Days 2023, over 400 locations in more than 70 nations from all six continents committed to meeting everyday to pray, worship, and repent.

Fall Feasts: 10 Days occurs during the 10 “Days of Awe” on the Biblical calendar, beginning with the Day of Trumpets and ending with the Day of Atonement. The fall feasts prophetically foreshadow the return of Christ.

DFW Prayer Themes

Unity - We believe that Jesus gets what He prays for in John 17. As the “buckle” of the Bible Belt the world looks to us. Only through God and His Spirit can we come together and demonstrate authentic love for one another.

Life - 50 years ago in downtown Dallas Roe v Wade unleashed a culture of death. We labor in prayer for God to bring healing and restore the value of life. We see revival coming on the heels of this coming shift.

Lost & Unreached - Home to ~350 unique people groups, the nations have come to our neighborhoods. 3.2 Billion people in the world today still lack access to the Good News, but now many of these people are living next door.

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